Sunday, May 15, 2011

Let's Get Physical, Who's in the shops?

With the changing face of the record industry it's more and more a challenge for collectors (like you and me) to get their hands on the physical releases of their favorite Eurovision entries.
In the olden days singles and cdsingles were often released internationally and with a swapping network it was always possible to get the collection going.
Digital releases are great, they can propel your favorite entries into the charts straight away, but it just isn't the same as the cherished shiny disc with some extra versions in an appetising sleeve.

The promo only limited editions will pop up soon enough, and The Düsseldorf Collection will try to get a complete view of what's out there soon.

Who's single is in the shops?.
But first here are the ones that should be applauded. These entries have their cdsingles in the local shops (so far).
Netherlands have two cdsingles. An early one with the Dutch version and the 2nd cdsingle with the English version which has just been released.
Austria: Nadine's cdsingle is out in Austria.
Switzerland: In Love For A While is out on a 3-track cdsingle which also includes the video.
Germany: The host country's entry cdsingle was released just days after it was selected. Gorgeous picture sleeve and all.
Ireland has been a promo only country off and on the past few years, but the Jedward boys are proudly lining the racks in the Irish shops again with their top 3 single Lipstick. The cdsingle is also released in Germany.
There's also a release in Germany (30/5)
Sweden never disappoints although the 1-track affair of the last few years is a bit meagre. We want the mixes and stuff on the cd, not just digital!
Belgium: The Acapella entry cds is in the Belgian shops with two versions.
Finland: A 1 track cdsingle is now out on Warner Finland.
Turkey: The Turkish commercial cdsingle release has 5 versions of the Eurovision song.
France: 3 tracks on the cdsingle of Amaury Vassili
U.K.: The British entry is available on cdsingle in the U.K. before the contest this year. A 2-track cdsingle is released in Germany and other countries.
Slovakia: CDsingle out now in Slovakia and the Czech republic.
Portugal: It seems the 1-track cdsingle on Sony (with the old Homens lineup) has found its way to shops in Portugal.
Croatia: The 10 track cdsingle is in some shops in Croatia and available through Croatia-records
Azerbaijan: The winner gets a two track cdsingle release in Germany and a three track in Belgium.

National Final Compilations 
With Finland and Malta not having a compilation out this year, the number of national final CDs has decreased again.
Luckily Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Slovenia and Iceland didn't let us down.
And of course Lena's latest CD Good News includes all the tracks (12) of the German selection.

The official 2CD with all entries is out now.
Several entries have alternate versions from the ones that have been already available: Norway, Russia, Italy, Albania and Germany. Israel features in the old version.
(CMC / EMI 50999 097056 2 3)

The digital version is available at the official website.
You can also buy the karaoke versions at the official site.
The karaoke versions are not mentioned in each countries section unless they have been released on another format.

Check each countries page for more details on where to shop for the cdsingles (and albums) and you can also find the official releases at BeaRecords who sell internationally.

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