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3 Sweden - Popular - Eric Saade

3 - 185 pts / 1 - 155 pts in semi 2
Eric Saade has won Melodifestivalen (MF) 2011 with the window shattering song Popular written by MF veteran Fredrik Kempe.

A one track CD single is out now and Popular already entered the Swedish charts at #1 the day before the MF final.
(Roxy/Universal DKBV71018301)

At Eurovision Saade takes Sweden back to the top 10 for the first time since 2006 and scores the best result since the victory of 1999.

More versions of Popular have been released.
The Album remix and Slow Acoustic version are now available through itunes.
Soundfactory have made three further remixes of Popular, all available at digital sources.

What's Up You!
Eric Saade ended 3rd in the MF of 2010 with Manboy (Kempe / Peter Boström) which was a #1 hit in Sweden and one of the best selling singles of the year.
His first steps to fame were made in the boyband What's Up. Their Go Girl! was a#5 in in 2007 and If I Told You To Dance #16 in 2008. What's Up also featured Robin Stjernberg. Saade left the band in 2009 and it was disbanded soon after.

Saade Vol. 1, the album
Eric Saades 2nd album is out on Roxy recordings since June 29.
It's titled Saade Vol. 1 and it's the follow up of Masquerade from 2010. The album includes Popular (album remix and original) and follow up single Hearts In The Air.
The album enters the Swedish album charts at #1 and gets Gold status in just one week. The album gained platinum status in seven weeks.
Still in 2011, Saade also released Saade Vol. 2, a new album with 10 new songs in December. It also enters the Swedish charts at #1.

Popular - original
on cdsingle, MF CD and Düsseldorf CD
Popular - Album remix
CD Saade Vol. 1 and digital at iTunes
Popular - Slow version
digital at iTunes
Popular - Soundfactory Club remix
Popular - Soundfactory Radio remix
Popular - Soundfactory Dub
Soundfactory remixes are available at iTunes
Popular - Instrumental / Karaoke
Digital release, as Karaoke through official Eurovision site
Instrumental and "Karaoke" are the same version.

Eric Saade official Website

Sweden top 60: 1, 1, 1, 1, 2, 1, 12, 16, 30, 34, 17, 21, 25, 28, 28, 29, 30, 32, 28, 30, 37, 35, 40, 42, 49, 56, 57, -
The single has gone double platinum in Sweden.
Finland top 20: 17, -
Ireland top 50: 27, -
U.K. top 100: 76, -
Austria top 75: 29, 44, 75, -
Germany top 100: 48, 76, 98, -
Popular also charted in various Lithuanian charts

2012 Update: Helena Paparizou, 2005 Eurovision winner, has performed a jazzed up swing version of Popular in the 2012 Melodifestivalen final. It's a bit of a tradition that the winner of last year is performed in a different style by a different artist in the interval of MF.
Helena's Popular is released on iTunes and possibly other digital sources.

Other interval versions that have also been officially released in the past few years are:
2010 - This Is My Life (Anna Bergendahl) in a rock version by Dynazty (in MF 2011)
2009 - La Voix (Malena Ernman) rock version by Casablanca with Malena (in MF 2010)
2008 - Hero (Charlotte Perrelli) Moto Boy with Charlotte Perrelli*, ballad version (in MF 2009)
2007 - The Worrying kind (The Ark) - Acoustic version by Maya Hirasawa (in MF 2008)
2006 - Invincible (Carola) - Acoustic ballad version by Thomas Andersson Wij (in MF 2007)
* Charlotte does not feature on the studio version

Having barely recovered from their multi million movie theatre success The little blue guys (=1 girl) in the white pointy hats are at it again. The Smurfs (or Smurfarna in Swedish) have recorded a Swedish version of Popular for their new album Smurfparty 3.
They call the song Populär. Also on the same album is a version of the Norwegian entry Haba Haba, now titled Bada Bada.
The album is out on Warner / Metronome on december 7. (WMS-5052498-980826)
The same two tracks can be found on their new Norwegian album Smurfeparty 3 (as Smurfene). Popular becomes Populær and Haba Haba is now Dans Meg Til Smurfeland. (Warner 5052498981021)
Since the little critters are cunning multilinguists they also recorded a Danish version Populær for their new Danish album Smølfeparty 3 (as the Smølferne) but that one doesn't have Haba Haba. (Warner Music Nordic)

Fredrik Kempe is a familiar face in the Eurovision songwriters guild. He co-wrote the 2006 entry Hero for Charlotte Perrelli (with Bobby Lungren) and La Voix, the Swedish 2009 entry by Malena Ernman (with the singer herself).
He also wrote the 2010 Norwegian entry My Heart Is Yours for Didrik Solli Tangen (with Hanne Sørvaag).
In total he (co) wrote 17 Melodifestivalen entries.

Melodifestivalen is the 32 song / 6 week preselection marathon to select the Swedish Eurovision entry.
The Melodifestivalen 2011 CD is out now. It includes all 32 songs in the competition.
There are also two extra editions to celebrate 10 years of Melodifestivalen in its current 32-song format.

One is a 6 CD box with the 2011 CD and 4 CDs with 100 melodifestivalen hits. (The Silver edition)

A limited edition is a 7 CD box the same 6 CDs plus one disc including unreleased demo's and versions of MF entries. (The Gold edition)

Both boxes have a 100 page booklet.

Check SVT's Melodifestivalen pages for regular news updates, audio's (when they're up), videos and behind the screens footage.

Melodifestivalen is a hit-spinner in Sweden.
Last year 28 out of the 32 tracks reached the sales top 60 including three #1 hits.
For the first time this year many have not been released on cdsingles and only 18 reached the Swedish top 60. The MF 2CD has gone 5x platinum.
The 2010 MF CD was the best sold compilation album of the year.

Check the Swedish page at the 2013 Malmö Collection websites for statistics (2002-2013) and history of Melodifestivalen. (Here)

Sweden in 2010 (Anna Bergendahl) and 2009 (Malena Ernman)

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