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The Latest News At The Düsseldorf Collection

Croatia - Celebrate 10 versions, updated. Early demo available
Denmark - 2012 EP release, Unite album and more updates, live album
Iceland - Sjonni Boys, download remix, new updates, album info
Norway - Stella promo cds update, Afrikaans cover version
United Kingdom - 2013: Blue take a gamble, Roulette out now, European hit!, Afrikaans coverversion
Germany - Good News Platinum Edition, TBAS Cookieplanet cover
Many posts have been updated with additions and corrections (Januari 30, 2013). Massive thanks to Lior.
Hungary - Kati Wolf 2012 French version and remixes, Schlager cover version
Italy - Special edition remix, Blue Note re-issue CD 2012.
Albania - Feel The Passion, new version 2012
Ireland - 2012: Jedward don green capes for the kids on new Lipstick.
Azerbaijan - 2012 Estonian coverversion Kardan, Et Järsku Kaod
Sweden - Paparizou's Popular coverversion
Slovenia - Indigo, new Vanilija remix, CD info
Turkey- Turkish version, new album.
Moldova - New ZdZ album: Listen to Basta Mafia!
France - New Édition Collector for Amaury
Macedonia - Скопје CD info.
Spain - English demo update, Galician version
Bosnia - Herzegovina - Greatest Bits
Lithuania - Sašenko, Piaf and Piazzolla
The Netherlands - 3JS Never Alone, updates.
Israel - Ding Dong versions updated
Russia - Alexey Vorobyov, Alex Sparrow updated
Belgium - Witloof in Argentina & Estonia Baby!
San Marino - Stand By versions updates
Georgia - Ǝldrine in top 10, updated
Greece - Continues top 10 streak, updates
Austria - Finalist Nadine releases new album
Ukraine - Mika Newton and the sandlady, updated
Switzerland - Anna in the charts, finally!
Finland - Album success, Acoustic version
Official DVD and Blu-Ray out now
Estonia - Album out now.
Slovakiia - cds out now but no remix, charity version.
Romania - Change - HotelFM to the Final!
Let's Get Physical: Who's in the shops?
Cyprus - Christos Mylordos, promo updates
Belarus - Мая Беларусь, updates
Bulgaria - Poli Genova updates.
Latvia - Musiqq cdsingle out now, remix.
Serbia - Magical English version, To the final!
Poland - English version, promo updates
Malta - release details for One Life
Armenia - Emmy Boom Boom, new version
Portugal - Fighting talk, Download song.

Your Guide To The Düsseldorf Collection
Welcome to the the Düsseldorf Collection, the page for all release information on the songs of the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest.
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First indications of download charts saw some success for the winners Eldar and Nigar, Swedens Eric Saade, our London Friend from Denmark and Lena from Germany. Hungarian Kati Wolf pops up in various charts too. But the entries with most hit power turned out be Lipstick by Irelands Hyper Jumpers Jedward and Blue's I Can.

Still, 2011 proved to be not a very good year for the charts. Many hits have disappeared from the charts after just one or two weeks.
The Swedish charts are also an indication: last year 12 Eurovision songs entered the week after the contest, this year it was only one (Jedward).
Raphael Gualazzi does well too and various charts also have picked up his album Reality And Fantasy. And if you check Jazz charts Gualazzi is all over them.
The official album with all the entries is also selling, scoring several #1 positions and even doing very well in Australia.

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