Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belgium - With Love Baby - Witloof Bay

11 - 53 pts in semi 2
Acapella group Witloof Bay have won the Belgian national final with the song With Love Baby.
The song is written by Benoît Giaux and RoxorLoops.
Listen to With Love Baby here at AKA.
Watch the official video here at RTBF.

A cdsingle is released by AKA music with the Eurovision version and a sing along version.
Witloof Bay At BeaRecords - With Love Baby is also available at the usual digital sources.
The single spent 1 week at #50 of the Belgian (Wallonia) top 50.

Special thanks to Marina de Waha at RTBF.


With Love Baby - demo
as featured on the AKA preselection site
With Love Baby - single version
new version recorded for Eurovision, on cds
With Love Baby - sing along version
on the cdsingle

Touring the world
Witloof Bay can be seen and heard in several parts of the world this year:
After dates in Finland an Germany in June, August will see the group in Argentina.
They will perform at the 9th World Symposium on Choral Music in Puerto Madryn with an extra date on august 12 in Buenos Aires.
Dates in autumn include Belgium France, Luxembourg, Estonia (4 dates) and Netherlands
Full dates and info here at the Witloof Bay pages.

Belgium had already started the search for the 2011 Eurovision entry early.
Walloon TV RTBF is taking the internet search a bit (a lot) further where you can vote for your favorites by donating money.
The ones that broke the 20.000 Euro limit wnet through to a semi final (there were too many songs for just a final).
If your song didn't make it, you'll get your money back.

14 songs proceeded to the final. Listen to the songs at

Belgium in 2010 (Tom Dice) and 2009 (Copycat)

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