Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cyprus - Christos Mylordos - San Angelos S' Agapisa

18 - 16 pts in semi 2
Christos Mylordos (Χρίστος Μυλόρδος), winner of the Performance 2010 talent show will reperesent Cyprus in the Düsseldorf Eurovision.

The song San Angelos S'agapisa (Σαν Άγγελος Σ'αγάπησα) is written by Andreas Anastasiou and Michalis Antoniou.

Now you can hear the song here at CyBC or download the song and video at Christos Mylordos website.

A 1-track cdsingle is issued by CyBC to promote the Cyprus entry.
A 3" inch disc (EPK) with info, video and audio (mp3) is also issued.

Very special thanks to Maria Hari at CyBC

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