Sunday, May 15, 2011

17 Romania - Change - Hotel FM

17 - 77 pts / 04 - 111 pts in semi 2
Romania have chosen Hotel FM to represent the country in Düsseldorf. The band won the national selection with the song Change written by Gabriel Bãruţã and Alexandra Ivan.
Bãruţã is the bands pianist and backing singer.

In 2010 Hotel FM entered the national selection with Come As One which ended 4th.
You can download Change below courtesy of Hotel FM's Reverbnation. (sorry, may not work with 64-bit browsers)

Change - Eurovision version
Change - Original version
Change - Instrumental
Change - Karaoke
Karaoke through the shop

A promo cd includes the Eurovision version of Change, and instrumental version, Come As One from the 2010 national selection and another song.
It also has the video of Change.


Hotel FM website (re-launched)
Or listen to Change (original version) and Come As One at HFM's Reverbnation.
Hotel FM YouTube channel
TVR's Eurovision pages

You can listen to all the songs of the Romanian selection at the website of TVR.

Romania in 2010 (Paula Seling and Ovi) and 2009 (Elena Georghe)

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