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Netherlands - Never Alone - 3JS

19 - 13 pts in semi 2
The Tros had announced early on that 3JS would represent the Netherlands in the 2011 contest.
In the 5-song national final the song Je Vecht Nooit Alleen (Never fight alone) was selected. The Eurovision song (and the other pre-songs) are written by the 3Js themselves.
Je Vecht Nooit Alleen is released on a cdsingle which also includes two coverversions. One of Jeff Buckley's Satisfied Mind and one of Something Fine (Jackson Browne).
The cdsingle is out now.
(Artists and Company AC 699610)

The English version of the song is titled Never Alone, and it's this version that was performed at the contest. It has a slightly different arrangement to the original Dutch version.
This has also been released as a cdsingle with the karaoke and video inluded
(Artist and Company AC 699620)

A promo DVD was issued with footage of the 3Js adventures on the road to Eurovision.

A cd-rom with the English version and English version videoclip was made for Düsseldorf promotion.
It also includes photos, biographies and lyrics.
The disc comes in a 9 inch sleeve (pic below) and is stuck to a LP-like cardboard, nice. (Artist and Company PD9878 3JS)
Never Alone - Eurovision version in English
On 2nd cdsingle, promo cdsingle, düsseldorf CD
Je Vecht Nooit Alleen - Original Dutch version
On 1st cdsingle, bonus disc with album and DVD
Never Alone - karaoke
2nd cdsingle

Most 3Js Eurovision releases are now available from BeaRecords

3Js Singles Subscription Box Set
The Eurovision cdsingle is also part of a Box Set with 5 cds from the 3Js single subscription program.
It has their four latest singles plus an extra disc only available with the box set (and to original subscribers).

Bonus tracks are coverversions of songs by artists ranging from Frank Sinatra and Jackie Wilson to Jeff Buckley and Meredith Wilson.
More details here at the 3Js website (in Dutch)

Je Vecht Nooit Alleen debuts in the Dutch sales top 100 at #5, going on to #1 in the 2nd week.
Never Alone enters the Dutch charts at #1*, just like the original Dutch version did a few weeks before.
Netherlands single sales top 100: 5, 1, 6, 32, 51, 75, 1*, 24, 30, 55, 50, 53, 57, 36, 28, 28, 94, -
* = from here the chart position is for Never Alone (English) + Je Vecht Nooit Alleen
A new edition of the Dromers En Dwazen album (see below) is features all five preselection songs by 3JS on a bonus disc.
(Artist and Company AC 699611)
The same bonus disc will is also available with their new live DVD Pluche, Zweet en Tranen (live 2010).

The songs from the national final are:
1. Ga Dan Niet (Then don't go)
2. Je Vecht Nooit Alleen (You never fight alone)
3. De Stroom (The stream)
4. Toen Ik Jou Vergat (When i forgot you)
5. Weeldering Waardeloos (Wealthily worthless)*
Update: De Stroom is the follow up single to Je Bent Nooit Alleen/Never Alone.

Last year 3Js enjoyed their first #1 hit (and 12th top 100 hit) in the Dutch top 100 with Wat Is Dromen (What is dreaming), a duet with Ellen Ten Damme.
March 2010 they released their 2nd album Dromers En Dwazen (Dreamers and fools).
3Js are Jan Dulles (vocals), Jaap Kwakman (Guitars, b-vox) and Jaap  de Witte (Guitars, b-vox).

source: 3Js Website (in Dutch)

Netherlands in 2010 (Sieneke) and 2009 (De Toppers)

* liberal translation by yours truly.

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