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20 Iceland - Coming home - Sjonni's Friends

20 - 61 pts / 4 - 100 pts in semi 1
Aftur Heim (Back Home), the song written by Sigurjon (Sjonni) Brink and his wife Þórunn Erna Clausen, won the Icelandic national final.

Composer and singer Sjonni Brink died on january 17 at the age of 36, two weeks before he was to perform Aftur Heim in the semi-final.
The song was performed by his friends in the semi and got a wildcard to the final.

Sigurjóns friends are Hreimur Örn Heimisson, Matthías Matthíasson, Gunnar Ólason*, Vignir Snær Vigfússon**, Benedikt Brynleifsson *** and Pálmi Sigurhjartarson.
* Member of Two Tricky who represented Iceland with Angel in 2001.
** Co-composer of the 2005 Icelandic entry If I Had Your Love (Selma) and guitarist with Brigitta (Open your Heart) in 2003.
*** Member of Eiríkur Hauksons band: Valentine Lost in Eurovision 2007.

Listen to and/or watch Aftur Heim here at RÚV's Eurovision pages.

For Eurovision the song is performed in English as Coming Home.
A new website is now launched for the Icelandic 2011 entry. You can find backgrounds, video's and biographies here:
A collection of 13 songs including the Eurovision entry and its original Icelandic version is now available from itunes and other digital sources. It also has the instrumental version of Coming Home.
The same collection is issued as a limited edition CD.

Coming Home Website
Sjonni's Friends have recorded a coverversion of What's Another Year, Johnny Logans first winner (Ireland 1980). At the Coming Home website you can download the song and watch the videoclip.
And the Friends keep on being generous, now you can download a remix of Coming Home for free at their website.

The first promo cdsingle includes the English version by Sjonni's Friends, the Icelandic version by Sjonni Brink and 2010 preselection song Waterslide (see below).
A second promo cdsingle is a 1 track promo only including the Eurovovision track (pic right).
Coming Home is also released digitally at Tónlist.
The Dance mix was also issued as a 1-track promo (Hands Up music)

remix promo
Coming Home - Eurovision version in English
on all promos, Düsseldorf CD and SFs album
Aftur Heim - Original Icelandic by Sjonni Brink
on 3-track promo and SFs album
Coming Home For Clubs - Remix
on website and digital release
Coming Home - Instrumental
on SFs album only (CD and digital)
Coming Home - Karaoke
Digital release through official website only
Sjonni's Friends have not recorded their Icelandic version which was only performed at the preselection in Iceland.

The album
Coming Home - The Album
An album was released in April 2011 with tracks by Sjonni Brink and Sjonni's Friends.
It includes the Eurovision version, Sjonni's Icelandic version and instrumental of Coming Home.
01 Coming Home - Sjonni’s Friends
02 Aftur heim - Sjonni Brink
03 Waterslide - Sjonni Brink and Friends
04 Reality - Sjonni Brink and Rokk
05 Love Is You - Sjonni Brink and Rokk
06 Coming Home (Instrumental version) - Sjonni’s Friends
07 Go Your Own Way - Sjonni Brink and the Flavors
08 I Lose My Head - Sjonni Brink and the Flavors
09 Empty - Sjonni Brink and the Flavors
10 Calm - Sjonni Brink and the Flavors
11 Here - Sjonni Brink and the Flavors
12 Free - Sjonni Brink and the Flavors
13 Sun - Sjonni Brink and the Flavors
You can still buy the CD at BeaRecords, they also still stock the 1-track promo (June 2016)

Special thanks to Felix Bergsson at RÚV.
Sjonni's Friends at BeaRecords

Sjonnie Brink already participated in the Icelandic final of 2005 (Hjartaþrá) 2007 (Áfram) and 2010 (Waterslide).
Another song, You Knocked Upon My Door was in the semi final of 2010.

RÚV's Eurovision pages are opened for 2011 with the songs from all semi finals.
You can listen to the 15 songs here.

Söngvakeppni album
The CD album Söngvakeppni Sjonvarpsins 2011 with all 15 songs is now available in the Icelandic shops, at BeaRecords and digital through Tónlist.
It features the original version of Aftur Heim as recorded by Sigürjon Brink.

also see Iceland in 2010 (Hera Björk) and 2009 (Yohanna)

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