Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bulgaria - Na Inat - Poli Genova

12 - 48 pts in semi 2
Poli Genova will represent Bulgaria in the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Na Inat (Stubborn).
Поли Генова - На Инат

Na Inat is written by Sebastian Arman, David Bronner, Borislav Milanov and Poli Genova,

A promo cds includes:
Na Inat
Na Inat - Karaoke
Na Inat - Instrumental
plus pictures, interview and national final videoclip.

Poli (Polly) Genova has appeared in several Bulgarian selections before winning the 2011 edition.
2005 - 9th with Otkriy Me Sega (group Melody)
2006 - 4th with Love That You Can't See (Melody Traffic)
2009 - 2nd One Lifetime Is Not Enough. (as a solo singer)

Na Inat - Eurovision version
Na Inat - First version

Na Inat - Karaoke
Na Inat - Instrumental
You can download two versions at Poli's Soundcloud (wave files)

BNT Eurovision pages
Bulgaria in 2010 (Miro) and 2009 (Krassimir Avramov)
Special thanks to Patrick.

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