Sunday, May 15, 2011

Poland - Jestem - Magdalena Tul

19 - 18 pts in semi 1
Poland have selected Magdalena Tul (a.k.a. Lady Tullo) to represent the country in the 2011 contest with the song Jestem (I am).

The promo cdsingle includes Jestem (Polish original), Present (English version) plus the video, biographies and an exstensive photo gallery.

An English version First Class Ticket To Heaven is recorded, but was available on youtube just for a few days. A new English version, Present, is recorded for the cdsingle.
First Class Ticket To Heaven later appeared on VA CD Poland Why Not: The Red Edition. (Rokket Music Poland 5903292101026, released november 2011)

Listen to Jestem at Magdalena Tul's website.
Present can be heard at the Magdalena Tul Youtube channel.

Jestem - original Polish version
on promo cds and Düsseldorf CD
Present - English promotion version
on promo cds
First Class Ticket To Heaven - first English version
different arrangement, on CD Poland Why Not: Red Edition

Special thanks to Krzysztof Rączka
Poland in 2010 (Marcin Mrozinski) and in 2009 (Lidia Kopania)

South African singer Arista (Paxton) has recorded a version of Jestem in Afrikaans titled Jy Is. The Eurocover will be included on her forthcoming CD, more details when I get them.....

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