Sunday, May 15, 2011

Belarus - I Love Belarus - Anastasia Vinnikova

14 - 45 pts in semi 2
Anastasia Vinnikova (Анастасия Винникова) will represent Belarus with the song I Love Belarus. Watch the new song here at Eurovision TV's Youtube or at ONT or BTRC.
Find the lyrics here at BTRC.
I Love Belarus is written by Evgeniy Oleinik and Svetlana Geraskova.

Russian and Belorussian versions of I Love Belarus are recorded.
Both versions have lyrics by Julia Bykova, a.k.a as singer Aura.

You can now listen to all three versions at the Belarus 2011 Eurovision site. (under songs)
The website is available in English, Belorussian and German.

While several Belarus entries have been recorded in Russian in the past, this is the first time an actual Eurovision entry is recorded in Belorussian.

I Love Belarus - English Eurovision version
Мая Беларусь (Maya Belarus) - Belorussian
Моя Беларусь (Moya Belarus) - Russian
All three versions can be found on a promo cd which also includes video, bio's and photos.
It comes in a large glossy photo folder.

Special thanks to Roman Kolodko at ONT

Born In Byelorussia
Anastasia Vinnikova was originally planned to represent Belarus with the song Born In Byelorussia written Evgeny Oleinik and Viktor Rudenko.
But it turned out the song doesn't comply with the rules of release/performance and a new song was chosen.
You can find the lyrics to Born In Byelorussia  here

Belarus in 2010 (3+2) and 2009 (Petr Elfimov)

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