Sunday, May 15, 2011

15 France - Sognu - Amaury Vassili

15 - 82 pts / not in semi
French TV (France 3) have selected classical crossover singer Amaury Vassili (Amaury Chautard) to represent the country at the Düsseldorf Contest.

The song selected is Sognu (Dream) and is performed in the Corsican language.
Sognu is written by Daniel Moyne and Quentin Bachelet with Corsican lyrics by Jean-Pierre Marcellesi.

Now watch the preview video ad the official Eurovision TV Youtube channel

A cdsingle is out now, it features three versions:
Sognu - Corsican
I Would Dream About Her - English
Sognu - Instrumental
(Warner 8 25646 72691-2)

The cdsingle also includes a link to 'Bonus, nouveautés and contenu exclusif' but it's only the Making Of Sognu video, and it requires registration which is silly of course.
Karaoke version is available through the official Eurovision site shop.
A French version is also said to  be recorded, but it remains unreleased.

An early promo cdsingle includes 1 track only. A promo DVD has a film about the making of Sognu.

Canteró album re-issued
2010 album Canteró was re-issued in april 2011 with some new tracks including Sognu and the English version I Would Dream About Her. (WEA 0825646735594)
Update: November sees the release of yet another edition of the Canteró album: The Édition Collector. It has four new recordings including covers Celine Dions My Heart Will Go On and Bing Crosby's famous christmas song White Christmas (Noël Blanc).
This new collectors edition however does not have the English version of Sognu. (Warner Music France out on 28-11-11)

Sognu in the France single top 100: 48, 33, 64, 97, -

Amaury shot to fame with his double platinum selling debut Vincero (2009). His most recent album is Cantero, released november 2010.
A new version of Cantero was released in april (details above)
With the digital version you can also get the videoclip and a making of video.

Amaury Vassili website
Jean Pierre Marcellesi website
France in 2010 (Jessy Matador) and 2009 (Patricia Kaas)

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