Sunday, May 15, 2011

Latvia - Angel In Disguise - Musiqq

17 - 25 pts in semi 2
Latvia has chosen Musiqq with Angel In Disguise, written by band member Marats Ogļezņevs, for the Düsseldorf contest.
You can listen to the song at Musiqq's Draugim page.

Musiqq are Marats Ogļezņevs and Emīls Balceris.

Update: A cdsingle is out now and includes the Eurovision version and a remix of Angel In Disguise.
A new album is expected in autumn.

tracklist cdsingle:
Angel In Disguise
Dance With Somebody
Angel In Disguise - Boyza II Remix (4:32)
Angel In Disguise - Karaoke version (is actually Instrumental)
(MicRec 4750329 907 127)

other versions of Angel In Disguise:
Angel In Disguise - First version
Had some pronounciation mishaps that were corrected for the Eurovision version
Angel In Disguise - Boyza II Rework Remix (3:26)
Digital release (Amazon)
Angel In Disguise - Karaoke
Digital releases incl. the one from

Special thanks to Patrick.
The cdsingle is already available at BeaRecords.

Musiqq have now launched their new website. It features a music pleyer with Musiqqs greatest hits, bio and video section.
You can check it out here.

The duo teamed up in 2009 and soon their first single Klimata Kontrole (Climate Control) was a fact.
Second single Abrakadabra was the bands breakthrough hit, being a top 10 selling digital single of the year and earning a Latvian Music Award nomination for best song.

Debut album Šī Ir Tikai Mūzika (This Is Just Music) was released after signing to Micrec and it included their previous singles as well as follow up hits No 10-10 (10 out of 10) and Dzimšanas Diena (Birthday).
Currently the band are #1 in the Latvian charts with Dzīve Izdodas  (Succeed in life). 
You can listen to the 20 songs in the Latvian preselection at Eirodziesma 2011

Special thanks to Aija Medinika at LTV

Also check out Latvia in 2010 (Aisha) and 2009 (Intars Busulis)

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