Sunday, May 15, 2011

Croatia - Celebrate - Daria Kinzer

15 - 41 pts in semi 1
Croatia's national final selected Daria Kinzer to represent Croatia in Düsseldorf.
The Croatian language song Lahor was originally translated into Break A Leg and at the National final show both versions were performed.
A new English version for Eurovision, Celebrate, was presented later.
Celebrate is written by Boris Đurđević with lyrics by Marina Mudrinić. Andrea Čubrić wrote the lyrics to Lahor.
The cdsingle has no less than 10 versions of Celebrate.
Celebrate - English
Lahor - Croatian
Diese Nacht - German
Лунньій Свет (Lunny Svet) - Russian
C'est La Fête - French
Celebrate - Matroda Remix
Celebrate - Big Room Remix (by Eric Destler)
Celebrate - Pop remix
Celebrate - Instrumental
Celebrate - Karaoke
Plus videos of Celebrate and Lahor
The cdsingle is issued on Croatia records (CD EPP 5932444).
The cdsingle is available at BeaRecords and Croatia-records.

Break A Leg has not been released in a studio version.
In 2015 shared an early demo of the song through Soundcloud. This one titled I Believe is performed by Franka who went on to represent Croiatia in 2018. Listen here.

The Matroda remix is the winner of the Remix competition presented by There you can also listen to many of the other mixes sent in the competition.
You can listen to the German French and Russian versions here at Index.

Daria Kinzer website
HRT's national final (Dora) pages.
Daria Kinzer at BeaRecords

Croatia in 2010 (Feminnem) and 2009 (Igor Cukrov)

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