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Israel - Ding Dong - Dana International

15 - 38 pts in semi 2
1998 Eurovision winning Diva Dana International (דנה אינטרנשיונל) is back on the Eurovision stage with the self penned song Ding Dong (דינג דונג). The song is in Hebrew with some parts in English.
You can listen to the original and new Eurovision version of Ding Dong at the Dana International ESC Youtube channel.
Two official remixes have been made by the Vooz Brothers. You can listen to both at Dana's YouTube channel or you can listen at Soundcloud.

A promo cds in a folder (pic above) has the Eurovision version and instrumental. (CDI DINGDONG D1 3181328)
A second promo (cd-r, only plays in PC) has the same tracks plus the video (pic right)

Ding Dong - Eurovision version
and promo cdsingle
Ding Dong - Instrumental Eurovision version
on promo cdsingle
Ding Dong - Original K'dam version
on the official Düsseldorf album.
Ding Dong - Karaoke K'dam version
Official site digital downloads only
Ding Dong - Vooz Brothers Club Mix
Ding Dong - Vooz Brothers radio Mix
DJ VIC Essential Radio Mix
Vooz Brothers & DJ VIC mixes at Dana's Youtube

Thanks to Tom and to Lior

A white label DJ 12" inch has been made, but I have no clue about its autenthicity.
An early promo cdsingle offered with 1 track on various auction sites has the K'dam version and is, according to the record company, not an official release.
The planned cdsingle with remixes hasn't materialized.

You can listen to the songs from the Israel preselection (K'dam) here at Iba.

Diva 1998
Dana International won the 1998 Eurovision song contest in Birmingham with Diva. The much talked about singer scored a decent European hit with the song, especially considering that a Eurovision hit was a rarity in the pre-digital download 90's.

Diva releases
From The Eurovision Collectors Guide
1998  172 1   DIVA - dana international  
                    -1&*:19)1*! %1$ - %&&*$
- Diva (hebrew)
Diva (english)
Hebrew and English on cds (INT CNR 5300294, + various other labels)
- Remixes:  C & W Project mix, Handbaggers remix and Sleaze Sisters Paradise revisited 12" can all be found on cdsingle and 12" (NL: cds CNR 5300306)
G's Heavenly Vocal/ G's Heavenly Dub/ Sleaze Sisters Euro Anthem/ Slease Sisters Paradise Revisisted dub on various 12" /cd singles.
- Diva (live contest version)  on CD 'Diva, the best of Yoav Ginai' (lyricist of 'Diva') (Hataklit 9280)
White label D.J. 12"s exist with even more remixes. 
- Diva '99 (new english) special cds: South Africa Gay Pride Day 1999 & CD 'Free' (INT CNR 5300351)
Diva 2000 (new version, hebrew) on Israeli issue of  CD 'Free' (NMC 20457-2)

Israel in 2010 (Harel Skaat) and 2009 (Noa and Mira Awad) 

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