Sunday, May 15, 2011

6 Bosnia Hercegovina - Love In Rewind - Dino Merlin

6 - 125 pts / 5 - 109 pts in semi 2
BHRTV haven chosen Dino Merlin to represent Bosnia-Hercegovina at the Düsseldorf contest.
The song is titled Love In Rewind and is written by Dino himself.
You can listen to the song here at Dino's website.

Love In Rewind is recorded in English with a few backing parts sung in Bosnian.

The song was also to be recorded in Bosnian (as Sito), French and German.
There was a competition on Dino Merlins website to write German and French versions of Love In Rewind. It seems the idea has not materialized into new versions on the available material.

Love In Rewind - Eurovision version
Love In Rewind - Instrumental
Love In Rewind - Karaoke
Love In Rewind - Instrumental by Ksenia Milosevic
Love In Rewind - by The Beauty Queens
all above versions on promo cd

The versions by violinist Ksenia Milosevic and Beauty Queens were performed at the song presentation show. We know the Beauty Queens of course from the 2007 Serbian winner Molitva, where the were the memorable backing singers to Marija Šerifović .

A promo CD/DVD set features above tracks, 4 other songs, 6 videos including Love In Rewind and a picture gallery.

Update: One of the singers with Dino Merlin on stage is Maya Sar who is selected to represent Bosnia-Hercegovina in 2012 contest in Baku, Azerbaijan.
BH Eurosong compilation CD
A new CD is released with all Bosnian - Hercegovina Eurovision entries from 1964 to 2011.
The album has 22 tracks. It has all entries from 1993 to 2011 from Bosnia-Hercegovina as an independent country, but also BH entries from Yugoslavia.
The 'olden' entries featured on the album are:
1964 ŽIVOT JE SKLOPIO KRUG - Sabahudin Kurt 
1965 ČEŽNJA - Vice Vukov 
1973 GORI VATRA - Zdravko Čolić   
1976 NE MOGU SKRITI SVOJ BOL - ambasadori
1981 LEJLA - Seid Memić Vajta)       
plus all entries from 1993's Sva Bol Svijeta to Love In Rewind
(MPBHRT 3830017 743 785)
The album is available at BeaRecords, more details can also be found at Discogs

Dino Merlin (Edin Dervišhalidović) is no stranger to Eurovision: In 1999 he ended 7th in Jerusalem with Putnici, a duet with Beatrice Poulot. (pic)
Merlin also wrote the first entry for Bosnia Hercegovina: 1993's Sva Bol Svijeta by Fazla.

Bosnia Hercegovina in 2010 (Vukašin Brajić) and 2009 (Regina)
Dino and Beatrice at Bearecords

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