Sunday, May 15, 2011

Macedonia (f.y.r) - Vlatko Ilievski - Rusinka

16 - 36 pts in semi 2
Rusinka by Vlatko Ilievski is the Macedonian entry for Düsseldorf.
You can download the song here at MMM, where you can also find most of the other preselection songs.

It's a good Eurovision tradition to record your song in several languages. Go Vlatko! Next to the original Macedonian version he has recorded several different language versions of his entry.

MKRTV have made a promo set with a cd and dvd with 7 versions of the Macedonian entry.
tracklist cd:
Rusinka - (new) Macedonian version *
Russian Girl - English version *
Russkaya Devushka - Russian version
Ruskinja - Balkan version**
Russian Girl - German version
Rusinka - Club remix Macedonian
Russian Girl - Club remix English
Rusinka - karaoke
The club remixes are mixed by DJ Eric Fox.
The tracklist on the disc shows a German version, but it's not there.

* with a bit of Megaphone shouting in Russian
** I guess this is named the Balkan version to avoid calling it either Serbian or Croatian.

The DVD has videos of the Macedonian, English, Russian and Balkan versions plus bio and photo's.
Special thanks to Patrick for the info and pics.
The cd/dvd set is available at BeaRecords

Early Version:
The Eurovision version (in Macedonian) is remastered by Mastervargas studios and is slightly different from the original. (it doesn't have the shouting megaphone bits)
This first version can be found on the Skopje 2011 CD (see below)

Русинка - Влатко Илиевски (Macedonian title)
Русская девушка (Russian)

In 2010 Vlatko Ilievski already ended 2nd in the Macedonian national final with Sreka (Среќа), but his first Eurovision appearance dates back to 2005 when he was a backing singer for Martin Vukic.

Скопје CD
MKRTV have issued a promo CD Скопје 2011 with all the entries of the Macedonian 2011 selection.
A second CD includes all winners of the Skopje festival from 1994 to 2010 including all Macedonian Eurovision entries.
This limited edition 2CD is now available at Bearecords.
Vlatko Ilievski Myspace
Thanks to Plan B. productions for the info.

Macedonia in 2010 (Gloko Taneski, Billy zver) and 2009 (Next Time)

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