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22 Hungary - What About My Dreams - Kati Wolf

22 - 53 pts / 7 - 72 pts in semi 1
Kati (Katalin) Wolf (or Wolf Kati as her Hungarian friends calls her) will represent Hungary in Düsseldorf with the song What About My Dreams.

The Eurovision version is an bilingual* version (English/Hungarian) of the original Hungarian version Szerelem, Miért Múlsz.
See versions below

The music is written by Viktor Rakonczai and Gergő Rácz. The Hungarian lyrics are by Péter Geszti, the English by Johnny Palmer.
Rakonczai and Rácz were members of V.I.P. who represented Hungary in 1997 with Miért kell, hogy elmenj?. The conductor of the 1997 entry was Péter Wolf, yes, Kati's Papa.
You can listen to What About My Dreams and the original Hungarian version Szerelem, Miért Múlsz? at the Kati Wolf website

Dix Pas Cent Pas
It was already announced many moons ago, but finally the French versions of What About My Dreams have been released in 2012. The song is called Dix Pas Cent Pas (Not (even) ten steps) and is created with Canadian DJ Marc Mysterio.
There's three versions each in a radio edit and an extended version. The tracks are available at most digital sources (see versions)
Promo cdsingles have popped up on e-bay, but I'm not sure they're legit.

Vár A Holnap
In november Kati released her album Vár A Holnap. The 16 track album includes three versions of the Eurovision song: The original Hungarian version, the Eurovision version (a.k.a. the Hunglish version) and a new remix by DJ Dominique.
The CD is available in the Hungarian shops and can also be bought through various digital sources.
The title track Vár A Holnap is also Kati's new single.
The album is out on Sony Music Entertainment. The CD version is released on November 15.
Promo's and releases
A 1 track promo was released with the Eurovision edit (Sony GR 201106)
A DVD has the same track as audio plus video, making of video, photo's and biography.

The Hungarian version of the Eurovision song Szerelem, Miért Múlsz? was first included on a CD freebie given away with Story magazin in Hungary (week 18). It features 6 tracks by Hungarian X-Factor stars.

Remixes of the both Hungarian and English version are made by Gábor Deutsch (Deutsch Gábor).
The Hungarian one be heard through Kati's website or Gábors soundcloud, the English version is below. (The download button leads to an option to buy the track)
A club mix by Antonyo and Andreas can also be heard through Kati's website.

What About My Dreams - Eurovision edit (*Hunglish)
What About My Dreams - Full English version (4.09)
Szerelem, Miért Múlsz? - Original Hungarian version
Original on X-Factor CD freebie with Story Magazine
What About My Dreams - Eurovision edit karaoke
What About My Dreams - Full English karaoke
All versions above have been released through various digital sources, the Eurovision edit can also be found on the official Düsseldorf 2CD.
Szerelem, Miért Múlsz? - DJ Dominique remix
On CD Vár A Holnap
Szerelem, Miért Múlsz? - Gábor Deutsch reFIX
On Kati's website
What About My Dreams - Gábor Deutsch reFIX
Available at Gabor Deutsch bandcamp (here)
Szerelem, Miért Múlsz? - Antonyo and Andreas Club Mix
On Kati's Website
Dix Pas Cent Pas - French version, Original Radio Mix
Dix Pas Cent Pas - Original Club Mix
Dix Pas Cent Pas - The Whiteliner, Eric Tyrell & Marc Mysterio Mix Radio Edit
Dix Pas Cent Pas - The Whiteliner, Eric Tyrell & Marc Mysterio Club Mix
Dix Pas Cent Pas - Jesse Voorn Club Mix
Jesse Voorn club mix has been released on DJ CD Club 2012 by DJ POOL (Specialist label in DJ only cds)
Dix Pas Cent Pas - Jesse Voorn Dub Mix
French versions have been released digitally, (Sony music entertainment)

An early digital release (on Sony) of the Hungarian original was released in december 2010 and is available at some Hungarian digital shops and now also through Amazon and Playcom.
Another digital release features four versions: Full English, Eurovision edit and karaokes of both.

Kati scored a #1 hit on various charts in Hungary
Switzerland top 75: 53, -
Austria top 75: 47, -

Kati Wolf released a 10 track album with songs of her X-factor adventures (she was 6th in 2010). The album features covers like Hot Stuff (Donna Summer), Kiss From A Rose (Seal) and As (Stevie Wonder). (Wolf Kati Az első X - 10 dal az élő showból, Sony Hungary 7853402)

Casanovas Schlager cover version
Update 2012: Red-trousered Swedish dansband Casanovas have recorded a rock-schlager version of What About My Dreams for their 2012 CD Livet Börjar Nu!
The album also includes a coverversion of the 2010 German winner Satellite.
It's available through most digital outlets and in the Swedish shops.
In 2011 they released a live album which includes a coverversion of Danish 2010 entry In A Moment Like This. This live album is only available through their website and at concerts.

South Africa x2
South African singer MoniQue recorded a version in Afrikaans. Se Dit Met Jou Hart (Say it with your heart) is available at Amazon downloads. It's also out on the CD Pienk Champagne, avialable at Kalahari.
Pienk Champagne also includes My Hart Het Klaar Besluit (Running Scared).
A second Afrikaans version is recorded by Jasmyn. Her version is titled Ek Kan Weer Droom (I can dream again) and can be found on her new album Agt Keer Opstaan. (Vonk Musiek)

Hungary in 2009 (Adok Zoli)

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