Sunday, May 15, 2011

24 Estonia - Rockefeller Street - Getter Jaani

24 - 44 pts / 9 - 60 pts in semi 2
Getter Jaani will represent Estonia in the 2011 contest with the song Rockefeller Street.

The song is written by Sven Lõhmus who also wrote the Estonian 2009 entry Rändajad (Urban Symphony) and 2005's Let's Get Loud for Suntribe.

Listen and watch here at ERR/ETV

The song is already available through the regular digital sources.
The regular version and the extended remix are available at amazon, e-music

Rockefeller street - single version
- digital release and Düsseldorf CD
There also appears to be a 3.00 version, but I have no clue about its origins, the Düsseldorf CD version is 3.11
Rockefeller street - album version
- on CD Rockefeller Street
Rockefeller street - radio remix (3.36)
- has been on the net
Rockefeller street - extended remix (3.58)
- digital release
Rockefeller street - extended remix (3.43)
on the CD Rockefeller Street, is an edit of the above extended mix.

I don't know who mixed the track, but it sounds very Moon Taxi to me, and Getter Jaani's label is Moonwalk (home of Moon Taxi)

There is no cdsingle or promo but Getter Jaani has released her new album named after the Eurovision entry.
The album features a longer version of RS and an edit of the remix.
It also includes new single Valged Ööd (with Koit Toome*) and previous hits Parim Paëv and Grammofoon and a remix of Rockefeller Street.

Thanks to Tiiu Simm at ERR
Thanks to Marco

Here at ERR you can listen to the songs from the Estonian preselection for Düsseldorf.

In 2010 Getter Jaani released her first mini album Parim Päev, which is been digitally available worldwide. It includes her first hitsingle Grammofon and a cover of the Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian.

Estonia in 2010 (Malcolm Lincoln) and 2009 (Urban Symphony)

* Koit Toome entered Eurovision in 1998 with Mere lapsed and ended 12th.

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