Sunday, May 15, 2011

Armenia- Boom Boom - Emmy

12 - 54 pts in semi 1
Armenia sent Emmy (Էմմի, Emma Bejanyan, Էմմա Բեջանյանը ) to the 2011 contest.
The song selected for Emmy is Boom Boom written by Apricota (=Hayk Harutyunyan and Hayk Hovhannisyan), Sosi Khanikyan and Murzo (Ara Torosyan)
Emmy already participated in the 2010 Armenian national final with Hey (Let me hear you say) a duet with Mihran.

You can listen to the winner here at Eurovision Armenia.
A new version has been mixed by Apricota.

Boom Boom - Eurovision version
a.k.a Apricota remix, also on the Dússeldorf CD
Boom Boom - original version
both on promo cds
Boom Boom - remix by DJ Serjo
On Emmy's blog
The promo set includes a cd with the two versions plus a DVD with the videoclip.

You can hear all four Emmy National final songs here at Emmy's website.

Emmy's homepage

Armenia in 2010 (Eva Rivas) and 2009 (Inga and Anush Arshakyans)

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