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1 Azerbaijan - Running Scared - Eldar and Nigar (Ell/Nikki)

1 - 221 pts / 2 - 122 pts in semi 1
Azerbaijan have won the 56th Eurovision song contest with their 4th entry Running Scared.

Both performers, Eldar Gasimov (Eldar Qasımov) and Nigar Jamal (Nigar Camal), have been chosen as the Azerbaijani representatives for the 2010 contest.
Both singers participated seperately in the national selection.

The song Running Scared is written by Stefan Örn, Sandra Bjurman and Iain Farquharsondur. Örn and Bjurman were also involved in the 2010 Azerbaijani entry for Safura.

You can watch the video here at the official Eurovision Youtube channel.

cds / promos
A cdsingle is released in Germany (and probably other countries) on May 27. It includes:
Running scared - Eurovision version
Running scared - Acoustic
(Polydor/Universal 060252775292-1)

A 2nd release in card sleeve is from Belgium and has three tracks:
Running Scared - Eurovision version
Running Scared - Azzido da Bass POP club mix
Running Scared - Acoustic
(ARS entertainment 060252775289-1)

A cdsingle released in Turkey in June has 8 tracks:
Running Scared - Radio Edit
Running Scared - Azzido Da Bass Pop Club Mix
Running Scared - Acoustic Version
Running Scared - Niclas Kings “In The Air” Remix
Running Scared - Niclas Kings “In The Air” Club Extended
Running Scared - Odd Remix Edit
Running Scared - Odd Remix Extended
Running Scared - Adrian Sina Remix
(Yeni Dünya Müzik 8693644011918)

The same eight versions can also be found on a cdsingle released in Romania on Roton records.

An early promo cds has 1 track only.
A 3 track promo cds has the same tracks as the Belgian release.
A promo DVD has 4 versions of Running Scared.

New Remixes from Spain
Blanco Y Negro records have a digital release out with 8 remixes of Running Scared. It does not include the original (radio) version nor the Azzido da Bass POP radio mix. But there are two new mixes available:
Running Scared - Albert Kick & Jordi MB Radio Remix
Running Scared - Albert Kick & Jordi MB Extended Remix
They are available at Blanco Y Negro affilaite IDC and other (mostly DJ) outlets like Juno. The release has 8 mixes, but they can also be bought seperately.
The Albert Kick and Jordi remix is also available on VA club CD Pioneer The Album VII (Blanco Y Negro)
The extended remix is also available at the VA club CD It's Your Time: Past Present And Future (Blanco y Negro)
Blanco Y Negro website

Running Scared - Eurovision version / Radio edit
Running Scared - Acoustic
Running Scared - Azzido da Bass club POP Remix
Running Scared - Azzido da Bass POP radio mix
- all above four versions are on the promo dvd
Running Scared - Niclas Kings “In The Air” Club Extended
Running Scared - Niclas Kings “In The Air” Remix
Running Scared - Odd Remix Edit
Running Scared - Odd Remix Extended
Running Scared - Adrian Sina Remix
- Adrian Sina is a member of Romanian band Akcent
Running Scared - Albert Kick & Jordi MB Radio Remix
Running Scared - Albert Kick & Jordi MB Extended Remix
- Both Albert Kick & Jordi MB remixes are from a digital release in Spain on the Blanco Y Negro label. The radio edit can be found on 3CD Otra Modiva vol 1. (VA, Blanco Y Negro)
Several versions can be downloaded here at the new Ell/Nikki website.

Eldar & Nigar had ditched the Ell/Nikki name they had thought up first but it was used in Eurovision anyway.
So they decided to use it on the European singles and the new website too.
Promos use the name Eldar and Nigar.

The duo have have launched their Eurovision website at Eurovision Talents.
The website is also available in Russian and German.
The duo have launched a new website

Netherlands top 100: 59, -
Ireland top 50: 41, -
Belgium (FL) top 50: 43, 37, -
U.K. top 100: 61, -
Switzerland top 75: 11, 52, -
Austria top 75: 22, 49, 53, 61, 70, -
Germany top 100: 32, 43, 47, 47, 66, 97

Coverversion from South Africa:
It was just bound to happen: A coverversion in Afrikaans has been recorded. David Fourie and Monique have transformed Running Scared into My Hart Het Klaar Besluit (My heart decided).
The song will be released on the forthcoming David Fourie compilation album Die Eerste Dekade (the first decade), listen to a snippet here at YouTube. The album is now available on iTunes.
The duo have also recorded an English version which you can see here at Select musiek.

David Fourie has recorded other coverversions of Eurovision songs: Germany 1989, Norway 2003, Estonia 2002 plus a host of National final songs.
Monique had a hit in South Africa with rapper Snotkop and their Afrikaans version of the Finnish 2009 entry Lose Control  titled Ek Val Vir Jou. (listen here)

2012: Coverversion from Estonia
Jürmo Jurtom and Anne Loho have recorded an Estonian version of Running Scared. It is titled Kardan, Et Järsku Kaod and you can listen here. The Estonian lyrics are written by Kaari Sillamaa, mother of Estonian almost Eurovision singer Janika Sillamaa.
I don't have many details but it is digitally available from (Estonia only)
Special thanks to Margo

Coverversion to avoid: and some local downloadshops are selling an MP3 by Running Scared titled Running Scared.
It's a lame copy of the Eurovision song. I don't know why they are putting crap like that, maybe they hope we buy it by mistake or maybe they think we're idiots.
Exactly he same version also appears on the album Mr. Saxobeat Summer Hits (and other compilations) under the moniker Bon Aero vs Daisy Duffy.

Azerbaijan in 2010 (Safura) and 2009 (Aysel and Arash)


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