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4 Ukraine - Angel - Mika Newton

4 - 159 pts / 6 - 81 pts in semi 2
Mika Newton (Мiка Ньютон born Oksana Hrytsai, Оксана  Грицай) won the chaotic Ukrainian preselection process with the Russian language song Angeli (ангелы, Angels).
After dissatisfaction with the validity of the results a rematch final was planned between the top three songs, but the other contestants Jamala and Zlata Ognevich withdrew, leaving Mika with the Eurovision ticket.
The song was performed in English at the contest.

2012: Zlata Ognevich went on to win the Ukrainian national final for Malmö 2013.

Mika Newton homepage
Mika's Myspace

Angel - English Eurovision version
two 1-track promos, Düsseldorf CD
Angeli - Ангел - Russian
websites only
Angel - English longer version
websites only, longer intro
Angel - Karaoke
Digital release through official Eurovision website
A quite good  remix dubbed the L. Horchata remix has been going round on the net, but I don't think it's official.

A 1-track promo with the English version is issued. The disc also includes bio and fotos.
A second promo has the same content but comes in a larger presskit. (pic below)

Mika Newton was joined on the Eurovision stage by sand-artist Kseniya Simonova (Ксенія Олександрівна Симонова) who was the winner of Ukraine Got Talent in 2009. Watch her winning performance here at the Tube. She also appeared on the Oprah show and the Gala for the YouTube Youth Orchestra.
Kseniya Simonova website (in Russian) also in English.

Listen to all the songs from the Ukrainian finale here at 1tv.
Scroll down a bit; the winner is song 13 in the audio list.

Ukraine in 2010 (Alyosha) and 2009 (Svetlana Loboda)
Special thanks to Patrick

Read more about Jamala (national finalist #3) here at Eurocovers.
Zlata Ognevich at the Malmö Collection.

5 Denmark - New Tomorrow - A Friend In London

5 - 134 pts / 2 - 135 pts in semi 2
A Friend In London have won the Danish Melodi Grand Prix with New Tomorrow written by Lise Cabble and Jakob Glæsner.

Listen here at DR (click tab Sangene)

A 1-track promo cdsingle was issued with a picture insert (pic top) by Independent Entertainment Promotions (NL) and urArtists Network. urArtists have a page on A Friend In London here where you can also listen to their earlier single What A Way.
Another promo from Denmark has no picture sleeve and also has just the one track. (Rose Sound, pic right)

A Friend In London homepage

New New Tomorrow
A Friend in London released a new version of New Tomorrow. The acoustic version recorded with a Swedish male choir subtitled A Song For Africa and all proceeds go to charity.
The new version was premiered at the Danish charity show Africa Nu on August 27.
The track is available at most digital sources.
You can see a clip with more info and 'making of' here at AFIL's youtube.

A Friend In London vs. Crystal Lake
2012: Remixes of New Tomorrow with Crystal Lake have been released on a digital EP available at iTunes, Amazon and Beatport May 2012. (Zooland Music/ Zoo Digital)
Fiver versions are included.
New Tomorrow - Radio edit
New Tomorrow - Hands Up radio edit
New Tomorrow - Extended mix
New Tomorrow - Hands Up mix
New Tomorrow - Kryvian and Whilliam Rise remix

A Friend In London 2012 EP
Update 2012: June 2012 sees the release of the Get Rich In Vegas single and the A Friend In London 2012 EP..
The CD versions is a limited edition disc with six audio's and two video's. Released on Artpeople (APCD 60351)
Get Rich In Vegas
New Tomorrow
Calling A Friend
Get Rich In Vegas - Acoustic version
New Tomorrow - Feat Howie D.
Calling A Friend - Anders K and J. Adams remix
New Tomorrow - Official Video
Calling A Friend - Official Video
The EP is also released digitally through some digi-shops, but without the videoclips.

Add caption
A live version was released on the digital album Smukfest 2012 Rytmehans 11-8-2012. This versions incorporates a bit of Dancing On My Own (the Robyn track). (Next2Live releases)

Unite in 2013
The long awaited album is titled Unite and is out now. It includes the Eurovision entry.  The CD is released in Denmark on the Art People label (APCD 60358) and has 13 tracks.
A special edition digital release (blody iTunes only, why?*) has some bonus tracks including an acoustic version (= probably the A Song For Africa version?) and the Howie D. version of New Tomorrow.

New Tomorrow - original
- on promo cdsingle
New Tomorrow - karaoke
- both on the DMGP CD, see below
New Tomorrow (A Song For Africa)
- digital release
New Tomorrow - A Friend In London vs Crystal Lake
- five remixes on digital EP 2012, see above
New Tomorrow - Feat Howie D.
- digital release, 2012 CD EP
(Dancing on my own) / New Tomorrow (Live)
- digital album Smukfest 2012

Danish top 40: 3, 2, 17, 39, ------, 4, 8, 40,-
Netherlands top 100: 58,-
Ireland top 50: 9, -
U.K. top 100: 78,-
Switzerland top 57: 39,-

A Friend In London was formed in 2005. The band are Tim Schou, Sebastian Vinther, Aske Damm Bramming and Esben Svane. They have released two EP's A Friend In London and Out Of Track which are available through most digital sources.
The band have just finished a tour in Canada, where their star is rising fast. AFIL are currently working on a full album with Canadian producer Greig Nori.
The album is expected to be released fall 2011.

Thanks to Sebastian Olsen and to Independent Entertainment Promotions.

DMGP 2011
The Danish Melodi Grand Prix compilation CD is out now.
It features all ten songs from the competition plus karaoke versions of all entries.
The album enters the Danish album charts at #1.

Read all about the contestants here at DR TV (in Danish).

Also check out Denmark 2010 (Chanée and N'Evergreen) and 2009 (Brinck)

Find out about all the entries of Düsseldorf 2011

6 Bosnia Hercegovina - Love In Rewind - Dino Merlin

6 - 125 pts / 5 - 109 pts in semi 2
BHRTV haven chosen Dino Merlin to represent Bosnia-Hercegovina at the Düsseldorf contest.
The song is titled Love In Rewind and is written by Dino himself.
You can listen to the song here at Dino's website.

Love In Rewind is recorded in English with a few backing parts sung in Bosnian.

The song was also to be recorded in Bosnian (as Sito), French and German.
There was a competition on Dino Merlins website to write German and French versions of Love In Rewind. It seems the idea has not materialized into new versions on the available material.

Love In Rewind - Eurovision version
Love In Rewind - Instrumental
Love In Rewind - Karaoke
Love In Rewind - Instrumental by Ksenia Milosevic
Love In Rewind - by The Beauty Queens
all above versions on promo cd

The versions by violinist Ksenia Milosevic and Beauty Queens were performed at the song presentation show. We know the Beauty Queens of course from the 2007 Serbian winner Molitva, where the were the memorable backing singers to Marija Šerifović .

A promo CD/DVD set features above tracks, 4 other songs, 6 videos including Love In Rewind and a picture gallery.

Update: One of the singers with Dino Merlin on stage is Maya Sar who is selected to represent Bosnia-Hercegovina in 2012 contest in Baku, Azerbaijan.
BH Eurosong compilation CD
A new CD is released with all Bosnian - Hercegovina Eurovision entries from 1964 to 2011.
The album has 22 tracks. It has all entries from 1993 to 2011 from Bosnia-Hercegovina as an independent country, but also BH entries from Yugoslavia.
The 'olden' entries featured on the album are:
1964 ŽIVOT JE SKLOPIO KRUG - Sabahudin Kurt 
1965 ČEŽNJA - Vice Vukov 
1973 GORI VATRA - Zdravko Čolić   
1976 NE MOGU SKRITI SVOJ BOL - ambasadori
1981 LEJLA - Seid Memić Vajta)       
plus all entries from 1993's Sva Bol Svijeta to Love In Rewind
(MPBHRT 3830017 743 785)
The album is available at BeaRecords, more details can also be found at Discogs

Dino Merlin (Edin Dervišhalidović) is no stranger to Eurovision: In 1999 he ended 7th in Jerusalem with Putnici, a duet with Beatrice Poulot. (pic)
Merlin also wrote the first entry for Bosnia Hercegovina: 1993's Sva Bol Svijeta by Fazla.

Bosnia Hercegovina in 2010 (Vukašin Brajić) and 2009 (Regina)
Dino and Beatrice at Bearecords

7 Greece - Watch My Dance - Loucas Yiorkas ft Stereo Mike

7 - 120 pts / 1 - 133 pts in semi 1
Greece was represented in Düsseldorf by Loucas Yiorkas (Λούκας Γιώρκας) ft. Stereo Mike (Mihalis Exarhos) with their song Watch My Dance.

Singer Loucas and rapper Mike won a national final consisting of songs performed by former talents show participants (factors, stars, idols whatever).

You can listen to the song and the other preselection songs here at ERT.

ERT/EMI have issued a 1-track promo cdsingle in a 7"inch fold out sleeve (pic right)
(Minos EMI 50995 026313 2 5)
The original version of Watch My Dance has been available on various websites and distributed on a cd-r.

With Watch My Dance Greece continues their consecutive row of entries finishing in the top 10 that started with Sakis Rouvas' Shake it in 2004. Watch My Dance won the first semi final.

Watch My Dance - Eurovision version
promo cds and Düsseldorf CD
Watch My Dance - Original version
cd-r, websites, iTunes
Karaokes of both versions were released digitally.

Greece in 2010 (Giorgos Alkaios)
and 2009 (Sakis Rouvas)

Special thanks to Patrick for the pic.

8 Ireland - Lipstick - Jedward

8 - 119 pts / 8 - 68 pts in semi 2
Jedward have won the Irish Eurovision final with their song Lipstick written by Dan Priddy, Lars Jensen and Martin Larson.
Twin brothers John and Edward Grimes shot to fame on the 6th series of X factor (UK 2009).
They scored an Irish #1 with their debut single Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) (#2 in the UK) and their debut album Planet Jedward also went to #1 in Ireland.

Three versions of Lipstick are already available at most digital sources:
Lipstick - Radio edit
Lipstick - Full version
Lipstick - Instrumental

The same three tracks have been released on cdsingle in Ireland (and has also been spotted in U.K. shops).
(UMC 2764766)
The cdsingle (in plastic case sleeve) is available at HMV Ireland and BeaRecords.
The same cdsingle which comes in a cardboard sleeve for promotion purposes.

The cdsingle was released in Germany on 30/5.

Next to securing all kinds of promo deals Obama's new friends are have released their second album .
It includesLipstick and follow up singles Bad Behaviour and Wow Oh Wow..

Update 2012: Put The Green Cape On
Jedward have recorded a new version of Lipstick to tie in with the European Football Cup.
Put The Green Cape On will be released on cdsingle in two versions. (Universal)
Put The Green Cape On - Radio edit
Put The Green Cape On - Extended version
All proceeds will go to the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (ISPCC).
Of course the tracks are also available through digital sources. Watch the star studded video here.
The cdsingle is out on Universal Ireland (3703342)
The Irish Football team will take on Spain, Croatia and Italy in the first rounds of the EFC in Gdansk and Poznan, Poland.
Update: A week after release Put The Green Cape On enters the Irish charts at #3. At #1 there's another football anthem: The Rocky Road To Poland by various (jurassic) Irish artists. It's also is for charity and stresses that it is the OFFICIAL anthem, but it doesn't have anyone half as exiting as Jedward or any of the other Irish Eurovision stars for that matter.


There is some confusion on Jedwards album releases, so here's what's going on:
Planet Jedward was the duo's 2010 debut album including mostly coverversions from the Xfactor shows and featuring the twins two hits Under Pressure (Ice Ice Baby) and All The Small Things.
The forthcoming album (working title: Victory) will be out in August, but Universal Germany wants to cash in while Jedward are still hot and they have now released a new album also titled Planet Jedward. This one includes only a few of the tracks from the 2010 album (like the hits) but mostly new tracks which will also end up on the VictoryCD.
To make things easier, the new Planet CD has the same picture cover as the old one.

Tracklist Planet Jedward 2011
Lipstick (full version)
Bad Behaviour
My Miss America
POP Rocket
Inder Pressure (Ice Ice Baby)*
All The Small Things*
Fight For Your Right To party*
Wow Oh Wow
* have also appeared on the 2010 Planet. The other tracks will be on Victory.

The new Planet Jedward album is now available at the German retailers and at your favorite internet shops.
Victory will be out in Ireland on August 5 and in the U.K. on August 15.
Victory enters the Irish charts at #1 on August 11.

Charts - Lipstick
Ireland top 50: 2, 3, 3, 3, 3, 6, 11, 11, 16, 12, 14, 11, 3, 1, 1, 2, 4, 4, 5, 10, 12, 20, 19, 31, 33, 30, 31, 44, - re-entry june 2012: 100 (Ireland has a top 100 since januari 2012)
U.K. top 100: 82, 40, -
Sweden top 60: 18, 11, 19, 27, 30, 36, 37, 43, 39, 50, -
Netherlands top 100: 84, -
Switzerland top 75: 28, 67, -, 75, -
Austria top 75: 3, 9, 16, 20, 30, 34, 45, 51, 73, 58, -
Germany top 100: 12, 25, 23, 32, 32, 43, 50, 63, 61, 72, 89, -
Charts - Green Cape (2012 version of Lipstick)
Ireland top 100: 3, 6, 9, 14, 14, 13, 32, 40, 65, 98

Planet Jedward is the Twins' homepage
Jedward at BeaRecords

Demo and Coverversions
A demo version of Lipstick by ManneQuin (Dan Priddy) has appeared on the tube.

LA Dudes have released a coverversion of Lipstick in four remixes. This set is available through various digital sources like DJ Tunes. (Spectre records)
 - Thanks to Joris

A German version is recorded by Andrea Lienbacher, a nine year old girl from Austria. Her version Wenn Der Blechmann Klopft is out on the CD Kiddy Contest 2011 Vol 17, tying in with the Kiddy Contest talentshows on ORF 1.
- Thanks to Marion

Another cover of Lipstick has appeared on the album Mr Saxobeat Summer Hits. It's a lame xerox version of Jedward's and nothing to get too exited about. The artist credited is Jonas Basshunter.
The collection also includes a version of Running Scared.

Also see Ireland in 2010 (Niamh Kavanagh) and 2009 (Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy)

9 Georgia - One More Day - Eldrine

9 - 110 pts / 6 - 74 pts in semi 1
The group Eldrine (or Ǝldrine as their moms call ém) won the Georgian final with the song One More Day.
The song was written by DJ BE$$ (Beso Tsikhelashvili), DJ Rock and Mikheil Chelidze (MIKEN).

Later on the singer from the national final performance Taka Vadachkoria was replaced by a new singer Sophio Toroshelidze for Eurovision

A new version with the new singer is recorded and you can listen to it at Eurovision Georgia.

A promo cd includes One More Day, pictures and videoclip.

One More Day will be included on the forthcoming Eldrine album Fake Reality.

One More Day - Eurovision version
with singer Sophio Toroshelidze
One More Day - original version
with singer Taka Vadachkoria

10 Germany - Taken By A Stranger - Lena

10 - 107 pts / not in semi
The German viewers have decided on Taken By A Stranger as the home entry for Eurovision 2011. (more on the national final below)
The song is written by Gus Seyffert, Nicole Morier and Monica Birkenes.
You can watch the winning performance through Lena's website.

Last year it was Lena Meyer-Landrut, but in the meantime she has become a household name in Germany, so just Lena is enough now.

A 2 track cdsingle is out now in Germany (pic right) it has the Eurovision entry and semi-final song That Again. (Universal 7 646 244).
The inside of the picture sleeve comes in at least two variations. One has a pic of Lena shaking her hair, the other also has a tourdate list.
Both the album and single are now available at BeaRecords.

Taken By A Stranger - Eurovision version
on the official Düsseldorf album
Taken By A Stranger - original version
on cdsingle and CD Good News
Taken By A Stranger (live)
on CD Good News The Platinum Edition

German top 100: 2, 7, 8, 15, 23, 27, 32, 44, 42, 48, 50, 33, 16, 44, 61, 84, -
Austria top 75: 32, 52, 64, 74, -, 72, -, 18, 51, 59
Switzerland top 75:  (March) 45, - (May) 29, -
Netherlands top 100: 92, -
Ireland top 50: 50, -

Lena Live DVD
May 9 saw the release of the DVD Good News Lena Live (Universal). It features 21 tracks filmed at her recent concert tour including 10 from the album Good News plus Satellite and Love Me from the 2010 German National Final.
As extra there are three videoclips: Satellite, Touch A New Day and Taken By A Stranger.

Lena's National Final
It was announced almost right after Lena's 2010 victory that she would again represent Germany in the 2011 contest.
There was an open selection for the 12 songs which Lena performed in three shows: two semi's and one final.
All the songs, including winner Taken By A Stranger are out now Lena's new album Good News which was released on Februari 8 on USFO/Universal. (60252 7626390)

Good News enters the German album charts at #1. It went platinum in may, shipping over 200.000 copies in 12 weeks.
Good News Tracklist:
01. Good News
02. What Happened To Me *
03. A Million And One *
04. Maybe *
05. I Like You
06. Mama Told Me *
07. Push Forward *
08. A Good Day
09. Taken By A Stranger */winner
10. Teenage Girls
11. That Again
12. At All

* songs proceeding to the final

Good News Platinum Edition
Update: September 16 sees a new edition of the Good News album. It includes two new songs and five live tracks:
What A Man **
Who’d Want To Find Love
I Like To Bang My Head (live)
Good News (live)
Taken By A Stranger (live)
Satellite (live)
New Shoes (live)
** What A Man is a coverversion of the 1994 hit by Salt 'n' Pepa and En Vogue. It features in the the german film What A Man (and on the soundtrack) which is in the German kino's now. It's also Lena's new single.

Read all about Lena's 2010 Satellite releases, covers and chart adventures here at the The Oslo Collection.

Lena's Website

Germany in 2009 (Alex Swings, Oscar Sings)

Defending The Title
It's not the first time a Eurovision winner defends the title the following year, but it's way way back.
1956 winner Lys Assia ended 8th (of 10) in 1957 and 1957 winner Corry Brokken ended 9th (and shared last) in 1958. Lena ended at a respectable 10th place.

Coverversions (and some crap)
A few overversions have already popped up, some a bit more official than others.

Update: A kiddy coverversion Hey Ich Seh' Gespenster (Hey, I see Ghosts) is released on the CD Mission Keksplanet: Pop-Songs in neuer Umlaufbahn (Mission Cookieplanet: Pop songs in new orbit). Kids sing new, German language version of popular (mostly 2011) hits. TBAS is done by Jenny Nowack.
CD is out on Misarmusic.

Ann-Madeleine is a German schlager singer and the inclusion of a copy of Taken By A Stranger on her Best OF CD is a bit strange.
Ann-Madeleine website

A punkish version by Sven Dorau is available through Amazon downloads, that one is a good effort in an original style.
Another cover available at various digital shops is an decent acoustic version by Michael Schulte. (listen here at We7)

Avoid: The same kind of lame names that 'covered' Lena's winner last year got their hands on TBAS too. All are digital releases to avoid: The True Star, Mirabelle, Favorite Star, Daisy Duffy (what a waste of a fab name), Star From Germany, Leila, Ann-Madeleine and a useless piano instrumental by Pianomusic.
The True Star even calls their version a Lena Tribute.

The Official DVD and Blu-Ray releases

The official DVD and Blu Ray discs are out now.

Semi Final 1
Semi Final 2
The Final
National final performances of the top 10
Interview with the winners

New to this years edition are the information tracks with the semi finals and the final which can be switched on and provide you with backgroud information.

I haven't watched them yet so I don't know if they have been able to get rid of the annoying blank screen bits where the phone numbers used to be.

There's also a program book still available. And of course the 2CD with all the songs, but you already have that of course.

11 United Kingdom - I Can - Blue

11 - 100 pts / not in semi
The BBC have appointed that reformed boyband Blue would represent the United Kingdom at the 2011 contest. The song for the contest is I Can written by Duncan James, Lee Ryan, Ciaron Bell, Ben Collier, Ian Hope, Liam Keenan and producers StarSign.
You can watch the preview video here at the BBC..
A cdsingle is out on Polydor in the U.K.
I Can - Radio edit
I Can - Funky Viva Remix
All Rise - (New) Acoustic version
(Blueworld / Polydor CDBLUEW01)

The digital EP of I Can is out since May 1st. It features three versions plus the video clip.
I Can - Starsign Radio edit
I Can - Original
I Can - Instrumental

Another cdsingle is released in Germany on Island/Universal. This one has two tracks and will be the release for several countries.
I Can - Radio edit
I Can - Funky Viva Remix
(Island/Universal 0602527729367)

Several earlier cd-r promos have been distributed by Blueworld featuring various versions each.
- Original version
- Alternative version* + Radio edit
- Starsign Radio edit
* Is the Funky Viva remix

I Can - original
digital release, promo cds
I Can - Radio edit (Starsign radio edit)
U.K. cds and digital, Düsseldorf CD
I Can - Funky Viva Remix
U.K. cds and European cds
I Can - Instrumental
digital various sources
I Can - Karaoke
digital at the official Eurovision website

2013: Even though I Can was quite successful, it took the blue boys almost two years to come up with the real comeback album, but it's finally here now. It's the first album of new material in 10 years.
The album is titled Roulette and includes their recent single Hurt Lovers and next single Black Box. I Can (radio edit) is slapped on as the final track of the album. The CD is released in Germany/Austria/Switzerland and South Africa in Januari, but UK fans will have to wait until July.
The CD is out on Island/Universal (0602537229963), you can hear snipcerpts of all tracks here at Blue's FB.
iTunes version will have two bonus tracks. Digital release is available in more countries.
The UK issue (both digital and CD) does not feature I Can.

U.K.: 16, 26, 22, 80, -
Ireland top 50: 34, -
Switzerland top 75: 8, 31, 38, 58, -
Austria top 75: 8, 28, 28, 36, 44, 59, -
Germany top 100: 7, 24, 35, 39, 43, 51, 69, 79, -
I Can also does well in various charts in Latvia, Lithuania and Belarus.

Blue entered the U.K. top 40 at #16. After an initial #7 spot in the midweek charts it's a bit disappointing, but it's a good result.
For several years the British entry was only released after the contest but the Blue men group people have seen the light.
Josh Dubovie only made it to #179 or something, in 2009 Jade scored a #27. Andy Abraham got to 67 (2008).
This century only two U.K. entries managed to score a top 10 hit: The most recent tone was by Scooch (Flying The Flag) in 2007, they got to #5. Daz Sampsons Teenage Life reached #8 in 2006.

Blue are Antony Costa,  Lee Ryan, Duncan James and Simon Webbe.
Costa came second in the UK National final (Making Your Mind Up) in 2006 with It's A Beautiful Thing. Lee Ryan wrote an entry in the 2005 edition (Guardian Angel for Andy Scott-Lee)

Blue have had a dozen or so hits in the U.K. with many tracks becoming hits in Europe, Australia and New Zealand. 
The band split in 2004 but reunited in 2009..
Some of their best known hits are Too Close, If You Come Back, Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word (with Elton John) and Breathe Easy.
Blue released three albums an four compilations.
2006's The Platinum Collection has all the hits (Innocent records / EMI)

links and sources:
BBC Eurovision pages
Blue official website and Facebook

U.K. in 2010 (Josh Dubovie) and 2009 (Jade Ewen)

Find Out About All The Entries At The Düsseldorf Collection

12 Moldova - So Lucky - Zdob si Zdub

12 - 97 pts / 10 - 54 pts in semi 2
Zdob Şi Zdub have won the Moldovan national final with the song So Lucky.
The song is written by Roman Yagupov, Mihai Gincu, Marc Elsner, with lyrics by Andy Shuman and Marc Elsner.

A promo cdsingle has 6 versions of So Lucky plus new track Basta Mafia.
The disc also has the videoclip, National final performance video and picture gallery.
You can now listen to all the tracks at the So Lucky website.

So Lucky - ESC 2011 version
So Lucky - Acoustic version
So Lucky - Album version (4:00)
So Lucky - karaoke (actually it's instrumental)
So Lucky - XØC Punktronik Mix
So Lucky - Summer Camp Mix
all on promo and website
So Lucky - First version.
has been on the TVM website
So Lucky - Karaoke
From the Eurovision TV shop, this one has backing vocals

Basta Mafia
Basta Mafia is the new Zdob Si Zdub album. It includes So Lucky (album version) and 12 other tracks.
The album was recorded in Berlin over the summer and also includes new single Running.
The album is expected to be released in januari 2012 on the Asphalt Tango label.
You can already listen to the album at the Asphalt Tango Soundcloud.

Lucky Twice
The band are no strangers to Eurovision as they were the first Moldovan Eurovision artists in 2005 with Boonika Bate Doba. The performance with the ultimate Eurovision gadget, the drum banging grandmother, earned the Zdobs a 6th place in Kyiv.

Special So Lucky page has audio and several videos.
Both Zdob Si Zdub Eurovision entries cdsingles are available at BeaRecords.

Listen to all Moldovan national final songs here at this page at TRM.

13 Slovenia - No One - Maja Keuc

13 - 96 pts / 3 - 112 pts in semi 2
Maja Keuc has won the Slovenian EMA with the song Vanilija.
The song is written by Matjaž Vlašič and Urša Vlašič.

The song is performed in English at Eurovision with the title No One.
Watch the English version presentation video here at RTVslo. Or listen to the studio version here at

Watch the Vanilija video here at RTV SLO or listen to the studio version here at

The Slovenian version is already out on the EMA 2011 CD with all preselection songs.  the CD is available at BeaRecords who also stock the cdsingle.

A one track promo was issued (pic left)

A further cdsingle includes:
No One - English Eurovision version
Vanilija - Slovenian version
No One - Instrumental
No One - Karaoke
Vanilija - Karaoke
plus video, photos and bio.
The same tracks are also released as a commercial cdsingle. The sleeve is different from the promo. The promo comes in a gatefold sleeve, the commercial release in a triple gatefold sleeve.

Maja Keuc has released her new album Indigo. The 11 track CD has a new version of the Eurovision entry No One (just called No One remix).
Don't expect a 140 bpm dancefloor filler though, the remix is a slow broody track with some grungy noise flavors. Very nice indeed.
No other versions of the Eurovision entry are included on Indigo.
It does include follow up single Zmorem and a cover version of Pinks Get The Party Started. Another track has the fascinating title You're A Tree And I'm A Balloon.
The album has tracks in English as well as Slovenian.
The album is out on Reflektor Music (3830048041737)

2012 Update: A Slovenian remix* version is released in 2012. Vanilija - Remix  can be found on the preselection CD Misija EMA 2012 which includes the six songs from the 2012 Slovenian final plus some extra tracks. More details here.
*The remix is different from the No One remix from the Indigo album.

No One - English Eurovision version
Vanilija - Slovenian version
No One - Instrumental
No One - Karaoke
Vanilija - Karaoke
all on cdsingle / promo cds
No One - remix
on the album Indigo
Vanilija - remix
on the 2012 preselection CD Misija EMA

Slovenia TV (RTVSLO) EMA pages.
Maja Keuc website
Special thanks to RTVSLO - entertainment, Jana Majorova.

Slovenia in 2010 (Roka Zlindere) and 2009 (Quartissimo)
Special thanks to Patrick for the picture.